Analyze a stock investment’s risk for $119 with Tykr | Engadget

Analyze a stock investment’s risk for $119 with Tykr | Engadget

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While there are no guaranteed paths towards financial security and freedom, relying on your salary alone isn’t always the best choice. If you lose your job, it could take months to find employment again, but diversifying your income streams can offset some of the burden. And if done consistently, your investments could potentially outperform your nine-to-five.

Stock investing is relatively accessible, but it could be risky as well, especially if you don’t know where to place your money and when. So if you’re entering the market for the first time or are too busy to analyze potential buys yourself, Tykr’s stock screening app could help, and Pro Plans are available for $119.

Tykr combines stock market analysis and education into one easy-to-use platform. Rated 4.9 out of five on Trustpilot, this program uses open-source calculations to determine whether a company share is worth buying, considering or selling. Tykr also scores stocks based on how safe it is to invest in them, and determines their Margin of Safety (MOS), which is essentially how high an individual share’s potential returns are.

Using this knowledge, you can decide which companies to invest your money in. Plus, the platform tracks over 30,000 domestic and international stocks, allowing you to stay up to date with a wide view over the market. According to Tykr, the app can provide worthwhile investment suggestions in 30 seconds, which you might find useful if you’re too busy to research trading trends on your own.

With a Tykr Pro Plan, you’ll receive access to all of this monitoring and education for life. As you build investing confidence, Tykr can evolve from a coach that highlights how to reduce risk into a reliable market analyzer to grow your wealth.

Whether you’re investing your first dollar or your thousandth, Tykr’s stock screening tools can help determine where to place your money wisely. Right now, you can purchase a lifetime Tykr Pro Plan for $119, down from $900.

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