Learn to fly drones for $93 with the Ninja Dragon Storm X | Engadget

Learn to fly drones for $93 with the Ninja Dragon Storm X | Engadget

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Many amateur photographers feel they need to progress through an endless gear treadmill to achieve the results the pros do. This is partially true, although nailing the fundamentals is far more important than what your next upgrade can offer. Still, some perspectives are impossible to achieve without the right equipment, namely aerial photography.

If you want to capture unique angles unreachable by foot or are looking for a hobby that’ll get you outside more often, drone operating could be worth looking into. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either. The Ninja Dragon Storm X offers beginner-friendly controls at a palatable price, just $93 for a limited time.

According to Ninja Dragon, the Storm X’s remote control is designed for users with zero flying experience, which could make it a great option for kids and teens. Optical flow positioning makes lifting off and landing easy. The quadcopter also uses an anti-shake system to stabilize itself for clear photos. If you want to operate the Storm X hands-free, you can also use gestures to keep the drone steady, snap pictures, follow subjects, and more.

You can control the Storm X from up to 100 meters away, and the 1,800mAh battery provides 15 minutes of flight time off a single charge. The device also contains sensors to avoid frontal and side-to-side collisions. But if yours happens to get damaged, it also comes with two extra propellers and the tools you need to replace them.

Finally, the two 4K cameras send a real-time image feed to the controller’s screen once you’re in the air. You can adjust the front-facing lens by up to 90 degrees, allowing you to capture a wide view of the landscape.

If you’re looking for an entry-level drone for photography, the Ninja Dragon Storm X offers two 4K cameras and easy-to-learn controls, and you can purchase one for $93 or 45 percent off.

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