Eliminate tough grime with $30 off this power scrubber | Engadget

Eliminate tough grime with $30 off this power scrubber | Engadget

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From hailing rideshare drivers to optimizing our workflow in the office, tech offers convenient solutions to everyday problems. There are even gadgets that make cleaning your home easier. For example, a power scrubber can eliminate tough grime around your oven, brush away grout stains and make washing dishes a breeze. If you’re looking for a tool that won’t break the bank, consider the Six-in-One Multi-Surface Pro by Skadu, on sale now for $109.

The Multi-Surface Pro contains a powerful motor delivering up to 25 kg.cm of torque, so it should be able to tackle heavy-duty jobs like scraping food or burn marks off your appliances, dishes and utensils. The device is quite compact and lightweight, featuring an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in most hands.

You wouldn’t use the same tools for different cleaning tasks, so Skadu provides several multi-use and specialized brush heads. The triple-head attachment comes with nine tough and soft scrub pads. The former are excellent for addressing sticky messes such as baking pan grease, build-up around stove vents and mildew in showers and sinks. Or you can use the latter for more delicate materials like glass, silverware, fine china or even your sneakers. The kit also offers a bottle brush, a copper scrubber for grills and ovens and flat and corner bristle brushes for larger surfaces like windows or tubs.

This scrubber has a 2,600mAh battery that offers up to 120 minutes of runtime. And if you plan on hosting a party soon, you can get your restrooms squeaky clean before guests arrive and switch heads for several loads of dishwashing once everyone leaves. You can even use the Multi-Surface Pro for detailed car cleaning, targeting door jambs, the areas underneath handles and between wheel spokes.

Whether you’re cleaning your home, workshop or garden tools, a power scrubber may eliminate the need for elbow grease. You can purchase the Skadu Multi-Surface Pro for $109, down from $139.

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