Meta’s virtual Connect event will stream live Oct. 11th | Engadget

Meta’s virtual Connect event will stream live Oct. 11th | Engadget

Meta Connect, the company’s annual event devoted to augmented and virtual reality, is just over a month away. The newly renamed event will take place October 11th, Mark Zuckerberg announced in a post on Facebook.

As with last year, the event will be virtual and streamed live on Reality Labs’ Facebook page. For now, there are few other official details available. The Meta Connect website says more information about speakers and the schedule for the day are “coming soon.”

But we already know a bit about what to expect. Meta is likely to finally show off Project Cambria, its new high-end VR headset that may be called Meta Quest Pro. In his Facebook post, Zuckerberg seemed to tease the big reveal, with a photo of him wearing a headset that was almost entirely obscured. Zuckerberg also recently promised “major updates” to Horizon avatars after his own low-res VR likeness was mercilessly dragged.


It will also be the company’s first big VR event since Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s rebrand to Meta at Connect last fall. At the time, he tried to articulate his vision for the metaverse and the social network’s role in it. But that vision hasn’t always been clear. And the idea of a « metaverse » has still been a source of confusion (and sometimes derision, as evidenced by the reaction to Zuckerberg’s avatar). Meta Connect will also be Zuckerberg’s latest opportunity to not only hype the company’s latest hardware, but to try to build excitement for an eventual metaverse.

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