Learn Python and save $54 on a lifetime Code Direct membership | Engadget

Learn Python and save $54 on a lifetime Code Direct membership | Engadget

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Websites and apps power many of the services we use at work and for leisure, and they all require code for maintenance and feature expansion. If you want to learn how these systems work and create your own programs, learning a general-purpose language like Python can give you the versatility to pursue the projects you’re most interested in, whether that’s web development, desktop GUI or beyond.

You don’t have to enroll in an expensive school to learn Python. An online training platform like Code Direct offers interactive classes that can teach you the language’s basics and practical ways to apply it. It’s aimed at beginner developers with no programming experience, covering theory and then progressing to exercises that can help you gain real-world experience. You can unlock lifetime access for $25 for a limited time.

Stack Overflow found that Python is the fourth most popular programming language as of 2020, and this might be due to how easy it is to learn. Its syntax is similar to English, and Code Direct illustrates how to write it using variables, if/else statements, loops and data types such as numbers, strings and booleans. The training also covers how to use functions, classes and objects, inheritance, modules and files.

Members get over 16 Python lessons comprising more than 100 hands-on exercises to put their newfound skills into practice. The platform also offers solutions for each problem to validate your understanding of the content. Additionally, users will get lifetime updates and new features, including upcoming HTML, CSS and JavaScript classes.

Code Direct suggests that this training can help you build your own desktop and mobile apps, but the language’s uses extend far beyond that. Amazon reports that Python is beneficial for task and software test automation, data science and machine learning, server-side development and more.

Code Direct is designed to make learning Python easy for new programmers. You can get lifetime access for just $25, down from $79.

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