Dive into robotics with $84 off this six-axis mini robot arm | Engadget

Dive into robotics with $84 off this six-axis mini robot arm | Engadget

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Automation has pushed many industries that once fielded heavy manual labor toward streamlined, machine-driven processes. Manufacturing now uses assembly lines with extremely precise mechanisms; even the restaurants we visit might have a robotic chef behind the counter.

Artificial intelligence may add an exciting prospect to the mix by giving machines the ability to learn to complete tasks to which we wouldn’t give a second thought. So as interest in the merger between automation and AI grows, you might want to consider introducing your children to robotics as a hobby. This smart robot arm by WLKATA could be a great first step, and it’s currently on sale for $1,596, down from $1,680.

The WLKATA Mirobot is a six-axis arm that could introduce users to how production lines operate. In this kit, you’ll find a preassembled Mirobot with several end tools, such as a servo gripper, pen holder and pneumatic set comprising a suction cup and two- and three-finger grippers. You can switch all the heads using a screwdriver, although the latter three need to connect to an included pneumatic box for air pressure. According to WLKATA, the Mirobot offers 0.2mm of repeated positioning accuracy, making it well-suited for projects involving fine movements. The arm has a maximum rated payload of 400 grams, so it can lift tiny objects such as toy blocks and model pieces.

If you’re a beginner, WLKATA suggests using the Bluetooth controller to guide the Mirobot’s movements, but you can interact with the Arduino-based hardware via WiFi and RS485 thanks to the included multifunctional extension module. And once you’re ready to program your Mirobot, download WLKATA Studio, which provides several operation interfaces, such as Python, G-Code, Blockly and more, allowing you to code in the language you’re most familiar with. This also presents an excellent opportunity to test your programming skills in real-time.

If you or your young ones want to learn hands-on robotics skills, you can purchase the WLKATA Mirobot Professional Kit today for just $1,596 or five percent off.

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