NPR’s podcast catalog comes to YouTube | Engadget

NPR’s podcast catalog comes to YouTube | Engadget

Google is partnering with National Public Radio to bring the broadcaster’s podcasts to YouTube. On Thursday, the two announced that more than 20 NPR shows, including Up First and Throughline, are now available on the platform. NPR is no stranger to YouTube. Its Tiny Desks concert series has been a hit on the platform for a few years now, with a recent Ludovico Einaudi performance amassing nearly 900,000 views and counting.

The addition of NPR podcasts comes just as YouTube recently added an Explore page dedicated to the format. While it’s only available to some people, the section highlights popular channels, episodes and playlists as well as categories and recommended shows. It may not explicitly market itself as a podcast platform, but both the page and its new partnership with NPR show YouTube getting serious about the medium.

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