Back up your files with 10TB of cloud storage for $89 | Engadget

Back up your files with 10TB of cloud storage for $89 | Engadget

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Cloud storage provides a convenient way to store excess files like photos and videos you don’t access often, but its uses extend far beyond that. You could share documents between colleagues, archive completed projects and even back up entire system images. However, big names like Google Drive and Dropbox have recurring subscription fees. If you want to house all of your content at a flat rate, consider Prism Drive. This platform could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, and 10TB plans are on sale for just $89.

Prism Drive offers many features found in other services. You can drag and drop files straight to your storage space and organize them into folders. Once saved, Prism Drive lets you preview uploads inline, meaning you and approved users don’t have to download images or videos just to view them. The platform also offers password-protected sharable links so clients, coworkers and family members can quickly retrieve documents.

You can access your storage with your desktop or laptop’s web browsers or via Prism Drive’s Android and iOS apps. So if you’ve recently upgraded to a new tablet, this solution could make sharing files between devices easy and organized. And if you prefer to use your computer’s editing software, you can transfer media shot on your smartphone for more detailed post-processing.

While Prism Drive imposes a 10GB limit on individual files, there are no extension restrictions, so you can store MP4 music libraries, PowerPoint presentations, unused apps and more. Plus, everything you upload is backed by zero-knowledge encryption, so your personal information won’t be leaked should Prism Drive experiences an untimely data breach.

With Prism Drive, you don’t have to pick and choose which files to delete. Simply save them to the cloud for quick access in the future. You can purchase 10TB of lifetime Prism Drive cloud storage for $89.

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