‘Jetpack Joyride 2’ debuts as an Apple Arcade exclusive | Engadget

‘Jetpack Joyride 2’ debuts as an Apple Arcade exclusive | Engadget

It took more than a decade, but there’s finally a sequel to Jetpack Joyride — if not for everyone. Halfbrick Studios has released Jetpack Joyride 2 as an Apple Arcade exclusive for iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV. Sorry, Android fans. The endless flier revolves around more « story-driven » gameplay with a new character to play (Betty Beefpies) as well as fresh mechanics and more detailed graphics. In that light, Halfbrick is effectively dragging the game into the modern era.

The original title came to Apple Arcade last year as Jetpack Joyride+, which maintains the core experience without the need (or ability) to make in-app purchases. The title first arrived in 2011 and helped define the endless runner category alongside classics like Canabalt and Temple Run. Halfbrick’s signature game has racked up 500 million-plus downloads in the years since.

JJ2 probably won’t justify the $50 per year ($5 per month) for Apple Arcade by itself, and it represents yet another dose of nostalgia on the all-you-can-play service. However, it might build a stronger case for a subscription. You can play simple blasts from the past alongside newer games that make the most of modern Apple devices.

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