Save $10 on this eight-in-one ergonomic cooling pillow | Engadget

Save $10 on this eight-in-one ergonomic cooling pillow | Engadget

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We spend at least seven hours in bed daily, and while we aren’t awake for most of that time, our unconscious comfort can have a drastic effect on how we feel during the day. The angle you lay at, the coolness of your pillow and even the material it’s made of can impact your sleep quality. 

You can invest in more restful sleep for $50 with the Carbon SnoreX by Dr. Pillow. The first-generation Carbon SnoreX was rated five stars on Amazon, but the company introduced a few changes that it claims improves your sleeping quality. The new version offers eight crucial features: carbon bamboo charcoal material, an anti-snore neck support channel, Air-Cell technology, Bounce-Tec memory foam, copper-infusion, a cooling layer, a breathable mesh and dual arm rests.

Bacteria can accumulate after using the same pillow for years, but the SnoreX’s carbon bamboo charcoal aims to prevent mold growth and eliminate odors by reducing moisture. Meanwhile the company claims its inner copper layer targets germs and allergens, so the Carbon SnoreX might provide relief if you experienced bedtime sneezing.

Dr. Pillow suggests the charcoal helps regulate temperatures. This is combined with a perforated Air-Cell pattern, a cooling cover and mesh interior on the arm rests to make the pillow breathable and moisture-wicking. Plus, the neck support channel allows you to lay down with proper spine alignment and open airways, which may reduce snoring. The armrests are also ergonomically designed to be comfortable whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper.

Feeling energetic during the day starts with how you rest at night, so sleeping on a dry, cool and ergonomic pillow could help you achieve more comfortable sleep. You can purchase the Carbon SnoreX Eight-in-One Pillow for $50 or 16 percent off.

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