Watch thousands of documentaries and save $71 on Curiosity Stream | Engadget

Watch thousands of documentaries and save $71 on Curiosity Stream | Engadget

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There are more streaming services available today than you can count with both hands, but the varying levels of quality might discourage you from investing in multiple providers. Cutting back your subscriptions to just one or two could make it easier to choose what to watch come movie night. So if you have to pick, Curiosity Stream breaks from the mold of stale programming by hosting numerous documentaries on subjects that touch on history, society and lifestyle.

With lifetime HD Plans running for $179, subscribers can stream shows in 1080p or download them to their computer, tablet or phone to watch without an internet connection. Launched by Discover Communications founder John Hendricks, Curiosity Stream’s content covers technology, nature and more, illustrating how machines and computers have shaped our world and the beauty of our planet.

Some examples of shows include nature narrations by David Attenborough, forays into modern science with renowned physicists Brian Greene and Michio Kaku and exclusive originals. Audience favorites include The History of Home, an exploration into the fundamentals of shelter and how it evolved across time, hosted by Nick Offerman.

As you make your way through the library, you can rate your favorite shows, and the app will provide recommendations for what to watch next. The library comprises thousands of documentaries, and Curiosity Stream adds new content weekly if you somehow exhaust its current offerings. Featured new arrivals include Planet of Treasures, where Cambridge historian Christopher Clark takes you on a journey to famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Curiosity Stream’s breadth of high-quality content and constant updates earned the service 4.7 out of five on the App Store and 4.3 out of five on the Google Play Store. New and existing customers can purchase a lifetime HD Plan for $179, down from $250.

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