Save on airfare and learn new languages with this bundle | Engadget

Save on airfare and learn new languages with this bundle | Engadget

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A well-planned trip to a foreign land can be exciting and life changing, but the logistics involved might stress you out mid-journey and even deter some folks from booking their vacation. This could happen because of hodophobia, which WebMD describes as a fear that “usually results from a past negative experience while you were traveling. The memory of the event creates a heightened physical and emotional stress response from you.”

Unfortunately, many circumstances can influence your experience if you were to book your trip today. Contracting COVID can upend months of planning, and visiting a destination whose language you’re unfamiliar with might make you feel anxious. You likely won’t solve these issues overnight, but a bit of preparation could make your adventure more comfortable. The World Traveler Bundle features resources that can help, and it’s $160 with code ROSETTA20.

With airlines passing fuel upcharges on customers, searching for affordable airfare may seem challenging. The bundle can alleviate some of the cost with a three-year subscription to Matt’s Flights. This tool scours the internet for domestic and international deals and sends them to your inbox as soon as they’re available. Matt finds some bookings mistakenly priced below market value, allowing you to fly on a budget.

The collection also features the Complete 2021 Travel Hacker Bundle, containing 13 hours of tips that could build your confidence before and during your next excursion. The lessons are designed for groups and solo adventurers alike, and you’ll find resources on saving money as you vacation. And if you want to turn travel into a permanent lifestyle, Learn To Become A Digital Nomad illustrates ways to earn a living with the entire world as your home.

Finally, the bundle offers a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, which can be valuable if you only speak your native tongue. This app has been trusted by organizations like NASA for nearly three decades, and with this membership, you can learn up to 24 languages (one at a time) by discovering basic conversational topics such as shopping, ordering food, hailing taxis and more. Rosetta Stone uses speech recognition to analyze and provide nearly instantaneous feedback on your pronunciation.

Experiencing cultures and lifestyles different from your own can be intimidating, but the Complete 2021 Travel Hacker Bundle aims to make the experience as comfortable as possible. You can save 20 percent off this three-part collection using code ROSETTA20 at checkout, lowering the price to $160.

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